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Answered Lauren Prophet 11 months ago

Good Morning,

Would you please cancel my account? I tried following the link that you sent it is giving me an error.

Thank you

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Dear Lauren,

Thank you for reaching out.

Since canceling and deleting an account will irreversibly delete all of your data, I just wanted to reach out and confirm that you want us to delete your fastIEP account permanently. My apologies for this extra verification step, but "cancel" could also mean you want to unsubscribe to emails, so we just want to be sure.

Also, since you are on the 30 Day Free trial, your account will cancel automatically after 30 days have passed.

Please confirm whether you would like us to delete your account and all data immediately.

Best regards,



That is completely fine deleting the data. I am a child study coordinator so I was hoping that I would see more interventions before goal making.

So, thank you for your time and support!


You are all set - your account has been canceled. Thank you for reaching out, and for the feedback on fastIEP!

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