How to log oral reading fluency data

Answered Sheryl Buchanan 8 months ago

I'm not sure how to log the data for this goal: By the end of the IEP year, when given a one-minute instructional level reading passage, student will increase his reading fluency to 25 words per minute with 90% accuracy in 3 out of 4 attempts.

How do I show that the student read 15 words per minute with 80% accuracy on the 1st attempt? I'm only seeing yes/no to the questions and don't know how to manipulate this information to fit into that option.

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Hi Sheryl!

For this goal, I would break it down in the Goal Constructor the following way:

  • Goal Kernel - Student will increase his reading fluency to 25 words per minute when given a one-minute instructional level reading passage by the end of the IEP year
  • Performance Criteria - with 90% accuracy
  • Observation Periods - 3 out of 4 attempts

The reason fastIEP only requires a "Yes" or "No" answer to "Did your student complete the task this time?" is because you are tracking each individual task leading up to completing one attempt of the goal -- in your case, you are tracking each word per minute as a separate "Yes" or "No" answer. Therefore, within the one-minute passage your student is reading, you would tap "Yes" for each word per minute they correctly read, and "No" for any incorrect. fastIEP would automatically calculate the percentage accuracy from what you inputted.

Alternatively, you can also simply answer "Yes" if your student reached 90% accuracy at 25 wpm, or "No" if they did not, and then add a note indicating their current progress.

We are working on a feature to allow teachers to input numbers directly into fastIEP since it can be quite a lot of data entry with the current method of data collection (especially for wpm-related goals). If you would like to provide feedback on our upcoming designs, we would be happy to share them with you!

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.


Hi Neha,

I also had the same question and would love to provide feedback on upcoming designs. Thank you!


Absolutely, I will reach out when we have designs ready for your feedback! Thanks Leanne!

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