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Answered Briana Schnuerle 8 months ago

When I try to enter data for the goals I have access to within my caseload, a warning message appears that says “Fast IEP is not yet available on mobile phones. Please register from any of the following devices: Chromebook, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, or Desktop Computer.” I get the same message on both my phone, and on my work issued iPad. Is there a specific web browser or application I need to download in order to get the program to work on my iPad? Thank you!

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Hi Briana!

Thanks for reaching out! You will receive this message if you are accessing fastIEP on a device that is below the recommended size. Please try using your iPad in landscape mode, and it should work! If you are still having trouble, please feel free to reach back out. You can also download fastIEP as an app on your iPad here for easier accessibility.


Hi Neha,

Thank you for your reply! I tried again in landscape mode, and also tried to download fastIEP from the link you provided. The system message I received in response was “Sorry, your browser doesn’t support saving to desktop. Supported browsers are:

  • Google Chrome (except for iOS devices)
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge (except for iOS devices)
  • Opera (Android Only)
  • Firefox (Android Only)”

I am currently using Apple Safari, and when that didn’t work, also tried Google Chrome, but neither seems to be supported for my device. This is the device I was provided to use from the school where I work, so if it doesn’t support FastIEP, it will be challenging to log the data I need to track on a daily basis. Any other possible suggestions or next steps would be appreciated. Thanks again for your support!

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