How to Log Worksheet Data

Answered Tiffani Riveron 7 months ago


If my student has a worksheet of 20 problems related to the goal for today's practice. Do I click yes/no in fast IEP for each math problem that day? correct or incorrect for that day? I'm confused as to how to log the daily work problems for my student.

Not sure if I am to click the yes/no button a possible 20 times in one session with a student.

Is there a video that provides actual examples of how to use fastiep according to the specific task?



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Hi Tiffani,

Thank you for sharing your question and for choosing fastIEP! With fastIEP, there are multiple ways to collect data--you may log the entire 20 math problem worksheet with one event (one click) and you may also choose to log each problem as its own event, to give you 20 events for that observation. Can you share the anonymized goal with the performance threshold and the observation periods to help guide you with which data collection will work best for you?

In the meantime, please click here to view our 'How to Track Goals in fastIEP?' instructional video that will explain with more details and examples for collecting data in fastIEP.

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