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Answered Heide Signes 8 months ago

Can I reset goals after progress reports are done? I made a lot of mistakes with 'ending observations' so I have data but it is not totally accurate. I would like to start all over with the new progress reporting period. Does this automatically happen or how can I achieve this?

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Yes, you can! Restarting your IEP goals can be achieved very quickly by editing the goals-- any edits to a goal will result in the progress being reset to 0.

To make an edit to the goals and/or objectives:
1. Click on the "Add, Edit, or Delete Goals' button. This button is located on the right side of the students' goal tiles.
2. Click confirm on the Important Reminder that informs you that any changes to IEP goals will result in resetting the goal.
3. Make the edits you need and click the "Save Progress & Exit" button.

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