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Answered goconnell 9 months ago

I just logged 17 data entries. Waited for the done and then once complete, hit end observation underneath the box, but no data seems to be recorded when I go to Data & Charting. I am clearly doing something wrong. This has been my issue all school year. When I asked a colleague they suggested I click "end observation" to save my data. Thoughts

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Thank you for reaching out, and a special thanks to your colleague--she's correct!

After you have ended an observation, and if the student successfully met the performance threshold for the observation period, all progress summaries will be updated to reflect the progress, including the charts and progress sliders. If the student didn't meet the performance threshold, the data is recorded in the "All Events" and "IEP Goal Progress History" tables, yet there will be no visible change in the graphs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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