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Answered Deidra Hill 4 months ago

Hello---I'm working on getting progress reports ready for 2nd Quarter. However, I am unable to print out anything but 1 goal-but, I can see where I've logged data on other goals and can access it on the computer, but when I go to print it, it only prints out 1 goal and it's annotations/success

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Hi Deidra,

Thank you for contacting fastIEP. To better assist you, may you please send a copy of the fastIEP report? You can send a copy to our email:

One reason you are likely not seeing data in your charts because the observation period for your goal has not ended yet (see here). Please try ending the observation period and viewing whether your data is properly showing up in your charts and reports.

Note that you can only end observation periods for manual-end options, like 'observations' or 'classes'; if you have an automatic-end observation, like 'weeks' or 'days', fastIEP will end the observation period when that time period has passed.

Please reach out with any other questions!


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