fastIEP vs AbleSpace

Answered Douglas Minoseta 6 months ago

Hi I am evaluating both fastIEP( and AbleSpace( for my district. Can you please help me with your positive points so that I can compare it with AbleSpace.

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Hi Douglas

Thank you for contacting us at fastIEP. We're excited that you've found our tool that we've created specifically for teachers.

Founder and Inventor of fastIEP, Dr. Ned T. Sahin, specifically designed this program to help teachers record IEP progress in real time in the classroom, with a single click. This saves hundreds of hours not just in monitoring progress, but in collating and creating reports, since fastIEP generates progress charts and reports automatically. It also allows teachers to provide "data entry" access to paraprofessionals, therapists, classroom assistants and other teachers so that they can all record progress data for the same students. This is controlled on a student-by-student basis, so that a different teaching team can be defined for each individual student if necessary. Only the primary teacher responsible for the student's IEP can edit or change the IEP itself; other members of the team are only allowed to record data.

Always feel free to contact us here if you have questions. We'd be very happy to schedule a live demo over Zoom as well. You can feel free to choose any convenient time using the calendar link below.

Thank you!


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