Couple questions about your software

Answered Jessica Moore 6 months ago

1. Are we able to add historical data and how do we do that?

2. If we evaluate a student on Monday the 7th and we do not have time until the 8th to input the data are we able to edit the date to reflect the 7th?

We are looking to purchase the software and these are some of our concerns.

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Hi Jessica!

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, all data entered in fastIEP is dated/timed in the moment. We plan to release a feature in the upcoming months that will allow you to backdate your data -- which means you can both add in historical data, and edit the date to reflect the date/time the data was collected.

In the meantime, many teachers will annotate data entered with a note that indicates the date and time the data is collected. This way, when the backdating feature is released, you can refer back to your notes and edit the date and time for goal events as needed.

Please reach out with any other questions, or you can schedule a call with us here!


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