Idea: Text box next to "student's day"?

Completed Allison Shardell 13 months ago

Is there a way to add a notes section next to the "student's day" so that we can document why we gave the face ratings or document any other things we need to note about the day? Thank you!!!

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Hi Allison,

That is a great suggestion! Would you want to enter only text, or is there any other information you would find useful to be able to add alongside Student Day?

Thanks for reaching out!



I think the ability to add a photo would be good, especially in the case of behaviors where showing any evidence of a behavior/self-injury, etc. would be important to document. Thank you!! This is my first week using your program and I LOVE it.

I would also like the ability to attach photos from my computer rather than having to take photos. I was uploading work samples but the only option to add it to documentation was to take a picture with my computer camera. Having a place to upload files in the "notes, photos, videos" section would be fantastic. :)

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