If I don't log data during the summer, will that impact my students' progress?

Your students' progress should not be affected by the summer, or any extended period of time that you have vacation. Percentages are calculated based on goal progress during each observation period. 

If your observation periods are manual, e.g. "4 out of 5 observations", you can start and end observation periods as appropriate (so, you could end a student's observation period on the last day of school, and then open the next one in the new school year when students return).

If you have an observation period that fastIEP can automatically end (days, weeks, months), you still have control over when observation periods begin. If your goal is "Student A will do B with 70% accuracy in 4 out of 5 weeks", each of Student A's weeks will begin when you start collecting data towards that goal. As an example, you may start taking data initially at the start of school, in September. Once a week passes from the first data you logged, fastIEP will automatically close that observation period. The next observation period will not start until you log data towards that goal again (and that could be in December, for example). If the summer is coming up, as long as you start a new observation period within one week of the end of the year, you won't need to worry about any time going into the summer months.

An important note: If your observation period is consecutive -- e.g. "3 consecutive weeks", once you log your initial data towards that goal, fastIEP will start each consecutive week automatically. Once a week ends, the next consecutive week will automatically begin.

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