How do I share my students with a para or other instructor?

You can share your students with another instructor in two ways:

To share multiple students:

  1. Click on your profile photo (upper right of fastIEP)
  2. Select "Share Instructor"
  3. Add the instructor's name and email, and select which students you would like to share
  4. The instructor will receive an email with login instructions. If the instructor already has a fastIEP account, they will be notified that you have shared your student(s) with them

To share while you are creating a student:

  1. Once you have entered your student's name and annual review date, select "Save & Continue"
  2. The bottom section, "Share with Instructor", allows you to enter the instructor's information to provide them access to this student

When you create an account by sharing students, you are creating a 'data entry' account. Data entry accounts have limited functionality, and cannot edit or delete goals. If you share an account with an instructor that already has a teacher account, they will have the same functionality as you (adding, editing, and deleting goals).

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