How do I log a goal?

Now that you have created a goal, let's log an event. 

For this example, we will be logging an event for our demo student, Albert Einstein. Feel free to follow along in a demo student profile as well.

Steps to log a goal:

  1. Select the student you are logging a goal for, and find the goal tile for the relevant goal. Click anywhere on the goal tile when an event occurs
  2. If the student performed the task, click "Yes"; if the student did not, click "No"
  3. If you would like to add an annotation, click "Add Note, Video, or Photo"; if not, you can either click "Done" or wait until the goal tile automatically returns to the icon view
  4. Goal logged! Once you have logged a goal, the icon on the upper left of the goal tile will change from red to green to visually indicate that the goal has been logged.
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