How do I group my students?

In the Manage Students & Instructors module, inside the YOUR STUDENTS section, you will see an orange button named GROUP Your Students

When you select this button, fastIEP will create two groups and automatically place your students into these groups. You can drag and drop your students to group them in the way you choose. 

You can add more groups by clicking GROUP Your Students again. The below image shows students in three groups. Each group is delineated with a different background color, and students can be dragged into different groups as needed. Group names can be edited by clicking the pencil icon (circled below).

Groups will be visually shown in the student panel in the fastIEP Main View as well, as shown below. Groups in this panel can be individually collapsed by using the caret (^). Alternatively, you can select the Collapse all button to collapse all of your groups.

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