How do I add objectives or benchmarks to my goal?

How to add Objectives to your Goals:

  1. Click Add, Edit, or Delete Goals (or go there directly through this link):

  2. At the top banner, toggle on the Enable "Objectives" or "Benchmarks"?:
    Objectives not enabled: 

    Objectives enabled: 

  3. Scroll to the goal that you would like to edit, or scroll to the bottom to add a new goal:
  4. You will see a button that says + Add [1] Objectives:

  5. You can select the number [1] and change it to however many objectives you have for that goal.
  6. Add in your goal and objectives information:
  7. When complete, select Save Progress & Exit:

  8. You will now see your new / updated goal tile on your student's dashboard! You will notice it looks a bit different than others -- if you click on your goal tile, you will open up a 'folder' with all the objectives, and you can log individual progress on each objective:

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