How do I add an annotation after adding an IEP event?

You can add an annotation directly after logging an IEP event, or after, independent of goal-logging. We will go over how to add annotations in both scenarios below.

Adding an annotation after adding an IEP event:

After you log an IEP event, the goal tile will have a purple hangtag on the bottom of the goal tile, like the one pictured below. The purple hangtag will appear with the following question "Add Optional Note, Photo, Video, or File?"  


To discard adding an annotation, simply click on the 'x', or anywhere outside the purple hangtag, to dismiss the tag. 

To add an annotation, click the hangtag to open the annotation screen. On the annotation screen, you can add notes, photos, videos, pdf files, and a student day summary. Let's walk through each section.

IEP Event Header

The first section of the annotation screen will provide information about the IEP Event that will have an annotation added, such as:

  • Student's name 
  • If any edits have been made, an additional date showing the last saved edit to the annotation
  • Time and date of when the event was created

See below for an example of this information:

In this section, you can adjust the "Yes" or "No" outcome that you logged. To change the outcome, click on the correct outcome.


Text Note

Click inside the text box to add a note.  The screen can be adjusted to allow you to see the complete note as you add the event details. 

Photos, Videos, and Files

With our new annotation screen, you are now able to add pdf files in addition to photos and videos.  Your videos can be 5 minutes long and will be accessible on the carousel, once saved. 

To add a video / begin a recording:

1. Click on the "Record a Video" button to begin recording.  Recordings can be up to 5 minutes long. 

2. The recording will appear in the preview section.  If your device has a second camera, you can switch the camera by clicking on the "Switch Camera" button. 

If you see the below message, you are unable to start a recording because you previously denied camera access for fastIEP.  Simply click on the green "Allow Access" to update your settings. 

3. Once you are done with your recording, click on the "Click to stop" button on the side of the preview screen or the "Click to stop" button on the preview screen. 


4. After you have stopped the recording, you will have the option to playback and review the recording.  Next, click on the blue "Save" button or the orange "Redo" button, if needed. 

Your saved recording will appear on the carousel located below the preview section.  

To take a photo: 

1. Click on the "Take a photo" button. 

2.  The photo will appear on the preview screen.  To save, click on the "Save" button or the "Redo" button to retake the picture. 

To upload a PDF file: 

1. Click on the "Upload a Photo, Video, or File" button. 

2. Select the file you would like to upload from your device storage and click 'Open'.

3. Confirmation that the file was successfully uploaded will be viewed in the carousel below the preview screen. 

4. To delete the pdf file, click on the picture of the trash can. Remember, you can add multiple pdf files. 

Summary of the Student's Day: 

1. Click on the face with the appropriate facial expression to represent the student's day. 

2. Once you have selected the expression, it will appear highlighted and fastIEP will automatically update all events logged on the same day for your convenience. 


We hope you enjoy these new features! We look forward to hearing your feedback - reach out to us anytime at
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