What information does fastIEP provide?

Our "Data and Charts" tab compiles all the events and information entered for a student and produces different visual graphs and tables with progress summaries for ended observation periods.  

On the "Data and Charts" tab, there are 10 different sections.  Each section is designed to provide you with easily accessible information about the student and the events recorded.  Section 8 and below will include any annotations that have been added to events. 

 * When you select the "Data and Charts" tab, all sections will appear expanded.  You are able to collapse and expand each section with a click. 

1. All IEP Goals-Progress Summary 

If you click the Data & Charts tab, the first section you will see is All IEP Goals - Progress Summary.

In this section, for each goal, you can see the current observation period's performance progress in the left slider and the progress on successful observation periods in the right slider.

If a goal has objectives, you can see both sliders for each objective and a slider on the far right that indicates progress towards the goal as a whole ("ALL").

2. Legend

The legend below the progress summary will show the goal category for each goal.  The color of the goal on the legend will match throughout the Data and Charts tab for each goal.  

3. All Goals-Progress Chart

The All Goals line graph will visually present the students' overall progress toward their IEP goals.  The line graph is interactive, so you can modify the view of the chart to only view certain goals.  You can remove a goal from the chart by simply clicking on the corresponding number below the graph. 

4. All Objectives-Progress Chart

This chart will highlight progress summaries of objectives, if applicable.  In the bottom right corner of the chart, you will have the option to toggle between objectives. 

5. Auto-Generated Description of Progress

With each ended observation period, the auto-generated description of progress statements will update.  These statements will provide the percentage of success toward the IEP goal and/or objective, along with information regarding the number of completed observation periods. 

These statements can be easily copied and pasted into your IEP reporting software, parent emails, and report cards by clicking the blue "Copy" button on the right.

 6. All Events

The All Events section will have each event logged with the metadata, including the IEP goal number, the date and time of the event, and the outcome.  

If an annotation was included, or the student day indicated, it will be highlighted, like below: 

7. All IEP Goals Performance History 

At a quick glance, you will be provided with quantitative data from all ended observation periods.  The table can be sorted to best meet your needs by goal number, goal categories, etc., and can also be exported into a PDF by clicking the Download Data button at the top of the page.

8. Event Annotations

Images, videos, and notes that were added to events will be included in the last 3 sections.  

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